Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The shade on your face

Even though you hide it, it shows;

Your expression that is transparent

Don’t tell me it’s not, I can clearly see you crying

Come on, come and pour it out on me


On Him:
Hair - B&G 80 - Dura
Skin - Yejun - Stray Dog
Head - Daniel - Catwa
Sweater - Suga - Ghoul@ Kurenai

On Her:
Hair - Harper - Mina @ Fameshed
Sweater - Bora (Cthulhu Limited Edition) - Ghoul@ Kurenai
Skin - Suyin - L'etre
Rings - Summer Love - Kibitz
Bracelet - Twin Souls - Noir Store
Nails - Fall/Winter Solid - ZOZ
Pose - You're Mine - The Owl
Backdrop - Gaien Market - Taikou

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