Thursday, November 9, 2017

Way Down We Go

"Father tell me, we get what we deserve

Oh we get what we deserve

And way down we go"


Helmet  - Bullethead Helmet - Violetility @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Head - Lona - Catwa
Body - Lara - Maitreya
Outfit -2067 Rare 2 - Go! @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Shoes - Ziggy Chucks - Fateplay
Weapon in hand - Saw & Conquer - Violetility @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Building - Splinter Shack - Violetility @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Barrel - Waste Table - Violetility @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
(Also displayed from this Violetility set is Groundbreaker and Mutant Stopper)
Mattress Pile and Stadium Seat - DRD
Wooden Bench - Thor @ 6 Republic
Firepit & Sausage Grill - Dysfunctionality
Poses used - Bombgo Rev - Poseidon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Her)
                     Wild Child 18 - Poseidon
Sausage Thief - Cheeso
Taken at Ash Falls

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