Thursday, November 2, 2017

"She's the fire in the sin
And I burn breathin' her in
Now it's love suicide
And I sell my soul for the high
Truth be told, I don't mind
Cause her hand's paradise
She can crush every hope
Got her heels stompin' down my throat"
Bryce Fox

Skin - Stray Dog
Tattoo - Ashes - Speakeasy
Pose - Static Male Poses #2/2 - Wrong & The Owl

Hair - Upside Down - Tableau Vivant
Skin - February - Pumec
Shoes - Baba Yaga - Azoury @ The Coven (Open November 3rd)
Pose - Psychomanteum 9 - Spartin Parx Poses @ The Underdog Event

Counter - Rustic Kitchen Island - DRD
Background - Alquer House - Concept

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