Holding Out For A Hero

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

This is a different blog post than my normal.   I belong to the Blogger & Vlogger Network and we had a Secret Santa Swap of sorts.  Basically, we were given a name of a fellow Blogger (or Vlogger) to do a post about.  I was lucky, I mean I was  LUCKY.   I drew Tyler Osyternatz.  Not only is his avatar smoking hot,  he is an amazing photographer.  I've stalked (followed! ) him for a while and been amazed at not only the way he sets up the shots but his lighting!   I'm not that good,  not by a long shot.  Check out his flickr in the link below,  you will not be disappointed.

Tyler's Flickr

Now,  for the photo above! You are going to have to wait till Tyler posts his outfit,  can't help you there.  Then there is me, not really that you can see much besides my legs..

Body - Lara - Maitreya
Shoes - Nightshade Pumps - Vale Koer @ Collabor88
Pose - Christmas to Go - Spartin Parx Poses @ XXX
Backdrop 1 - Gaien Market - Taikou
Backdrop 2 - Midnight Alley - Naberius
Backdrop 3 - Alley - Wetcat & Lemon

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