Monday, January 8, 2018

"Been a bad girl, I know I am
And I'm so hot I need a fan
I don't want a boy, I need a man"

Luna Hair - Mina (VIP Group Gift)
Soo Young Skin and Lips - Mudskin @ SaNaRae
Natural Lashes - Wednesday
Under Eye Blush - Wednesday @ Etoile
Lona Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Chriselle Top - le fil casse
Shiny Rings - Swallow
Cecelia Skirt - le fil casse @ Etoile
Bella Sheer Heart Cutout Stockings - uh-oh
Flame Boots - AsteroidBox @ The Season's Story (Opens Jan. 10th)
Gritty Beats 40 Pose - Bauhaus Movement @ The Liaison Collaborative

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