Friday, March 23, 2018

"There's curiosity in your eyes, you've already fallen for me
Don't be afraid,
Love is the way,
Shawty I got it.
You can call me monster."

Haruka Hair - Argrace
Momo Skin - L'etre
Kitsune Makeup - Veechi
Hanako Head - Catwa
Freya Body - Belleza
Kunochi Trinity  Outfit - Ghoul @ Lootbox
    Lootbox Rare Shig Top, Obi & Back Decor
    Trinity Mask
    Naoko Leggings & Geta
Assasin Ninja Katana - KIB
Lost in the Net 25 Pose - Bauhaus Movement
Taken at Gale Storm Retreat

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