Saturday, April 14, 2018

"They call me "The Creeper"
That ain't my name
But it's an accurate description
Of my malignant shame
So heed my warnings
All those led astray
Dreams are cunning and sadistic
Always ready to betray"

Knoxlane Cottage - Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Fiddle Leaf Fig - Dust Bunny
Villa Rug - Lore
Lace Curtains - Knick Knacks
Cats - Just Animals
Lorkyn's Desk - Violetility @ We <3 RP
Vintage Velvet Armchair - Thor
Lady Kismet's Bohemian Candles - Madpea
Upcycled Door Shelf - Violetility @ The Season's Story
Room Plants - Vespertine @ Collabor88
Butterflies & Beetles - Artisan Fantasy
Creeper Kenny - Cureless

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