Saturday, April 7, 2018

"Oh your thrills ain't my thrills
They ain't chasing dollar bills
I just made a beat that's sick (that's how I get my kicks)
When my thoughts turn to rhyme
Yeah, goosebumps never lie.
You might not  get down to this
But, that's how I get my kicks
(Oh) my kicks
(Oh) my kicks
(Oh) yeah
That's how I get my kicks"

Llona Hair - Sintiklia @ The Black Fair (White streak is added Windflower bang)
Satoka Skin & Lipgloss - Mudskin @ Neo-Japan
Under Eye Blush - Wednesday
Bloomin Lashes - Wednesday
Shion Eyes - Conviction
Oriental Mask - Pink Unicorn @ The Black Fair
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Insouciant Collar - Narcisse @ The Black Fair
Sign Fishnet Top - Jambee @ The Black Fair
Unposed Pose - SLC @  Kustom9
2 AM Background  - Taikou

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