Get Lucky

Thursday, August 30, 2018

"She's up all night 'til the sun
I'm up all night to get some
She's up all night for good fun
I'm up all night to get lucky"

B&G72 Hair - Dura
Xia Skin - Mudskin
Nerve Visor - Sole
Diva Lipstick - Lychee
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
SA Backpack - Sole
Fornax Dress - AsteroidBox @ Shiny Shabby
Apocalypse Bracer - Kibitz
Metal & Leather Rings - RK.A @ Shiny Shabby
Detached Pose - Foxcity
Taken at District 18

Week Without You

"If I spent a week without you
Hmm, I'd probably have so much fun (have so much fun)
First things first, I'd gather up all my girls, yeah
So we can lay out in the sun "

Aafreen Hair - Bad Hair Day with Fameshed Go
Xia Skin - Mudskin
Maine Glasses - Zoom
Nixu Lipgloss - SU!
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Enduring Choker and Bracelet - Empyrean Forge @ Cosmopolitan
Lala Top - ChicModa
Ruby Leggings - Miss Chelsea @ Uber
Snookie Wedges - Gos Boutique @ Uber
Singles Pose #14/3 - The Owl
Taken at Native Soul


Say Hey I Love You

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"I say hey, I'll be gone today
But I'll be back all around the way
It seems like everywhere I go
The more I see the less I know
But I know one thing
That I love you (baby girl)
I love you, I love you, I love you"

Georgie Hair - Tableau Vivant
Sumer Skin - Deetalez
Straight Brows - Buzzeri
Sierra Eyes - Avi-Glam
Sunkissed Freckles - Unicult
Bella Eyeshadow - Unicult @ Whimsical
Ashley Ear Cuff - Amala
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Aura Body Glitter - Alaska Metro
Paolo Bikini - -:zkstore:- (Mainstore)  @ Cosmopolitan
Curves Pose - Foxcity @  Kustom9

Broken Pieces

Monday, August 27, 2018

"Oh, I've gotta turn and run
The places that you never see
Oh, I've gotta save my blood
From all that you've broken"

Demon Huntress Hair - Tableau Vivant
Fighter's Mark Bracers - [CX]
104 Skin - Mudskin
Body & Leg Bandages - Curemore
Deepest Bear(Cuts & Bruises) - The White Crow
Charnel Pointe Shoes - Azoury@ Cosmopolitan
On Point Pose (modified) - Foxcity
Taken at Tralala's Diner

Hann (Alone)

Sunday, August 26, 2018

"Do you remember, you remember
Remeber what you said? (said)
No matter the words I say, I can't pretend.  I'm done with you
Do you remember, you remember
Remeber what you said? (said)
Like some kind of drug that has forever changed me"

H0184 Hair - Tram @ Uber
Xia Skin - Mudskin
Ekrabeth Eyes - SU!
Yumeko Blush & Eyeliner - Lychee
Chew Lipgloss - Mudskin
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Slip Dress - Coco @ Uber
Gina Heels - United Colors @ Tres Chic
Saucy Pose - Infiniti
Vanilla Dreams Bed - Stockholm & Lima


Saturday, August 25, 2018

" I wanna f-woop, woop, woop, but I'm broken hearted
Cr-cr-cry but I like to party
T-t-touch but I got nobody
Here on my own
I wana f-woop, woop, woop, but I'm broken hearted
C-cr-cry since the day we parted
T-t-touch but I got nobody
So I do it solo"

Inni Hair - Monso
Xia Skin - Mudskin
Piercing Set 07 - SU!
Stretched Ears  Season 2 - Mandala
Chew Lipgloss - Mudskin
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Rage Tattoo - Dappa @ Access
Anita Sneakers & Socks - Nx-Nardcotix @ Uber
Sits Vol 3 Pose - Foxcity

Cyber Crashpad - Violetility
Hotel Hookup Bed - Violetility @ Red Light District
Ex Box (Single Player) - Violetility
Frog Prince Tiara - Violetility @ Enchantment

Been There, Done That

Friday, August 24, 2018

"Tell me why I keep going back
When I know I've been there, done that
Keep on wanting something  that'll change
Been there, done that
Been there, done that"

Hair 0531 - Tram
Yuu Skin - Mudskin
Micro Cat Glasses - Yummy
Sweetheart Earrings - Kibitz @ N21
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Beumont Halter - Narcisse @ Vanity
Military Pants - Gabriel
Diana D'Orsay Pumps - Gos Boutique
Lara's Metal Bangle - RKKN @ Shiny Shabby
Leave a Mark Rings - Yummy
Juifen Pose - Ana Poses
Taken at District 18

Side Effects

Thursday, August 23, 2018

"Ooh, you're all that I want
No good at giving you up
Come on and give me some love tonight
Ooh, you're all that I want
No good at giving you up
Come on and give me some love tonight"

Lawrence Hair - Doux@ Dubai
Seo Skin - Insol
Monolid Applier - Deetalez
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Emily Lingerie - Have Unequal @ Trunk Show
Perla Rings - Kibitz @ N21
Singles Poses #54 - The Owl @ Dubai
Sweetheart  Bedroom Set - Green Door @ Trunk Show


Bad Decisions

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

"I been doing stupid things
Wilder than I've ever been
You've become my favorite since
So let 'em keep,  let 'em keep on talking
That's right"

Belem Hair - Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88
Xia Skin - Mudskin
Alien Choker - Hazy
Silent Tank Top - Inkhole @ N21
Mira Shorts - AsteroidBox
Pearla Rings - Kibitz @ N21
Melissa Plats - Reign @ N21
Jiufen Pose - Ana Poses
Taken at Midnight Glory

Don't Talk To Me

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

"I've been hearing, 10 times
All your talks, all your stories
Tellin' how great you are
Boy, you bore me
Even though I know your love is true
Yeah,  I'm just feelin' that I'm over you"

Longo Hair - Navy & Copper
Joy's Skin - Mudskin
Indra Dress  - zk Store Cosmopolitan
Mia Bracelet - Zoom @ Fameshed
Coddie Rings - Kibitz 
Rattan Tote - Nutmeg
Pug - Black Bantam @ Equal10
Talk to the Hand Pose - UrbanMind Poses (Exclusive at The Stuff Group )
Taken at Native Soul (Elysion members only)

Once Upon A Dream

Monday, August 20, 2018

"But if I know you, I know what you'll do
You'll love me at once
The way you did once upon a dream" 

Kimberly Hair - Sintiklia @ Tres Chic
Yuu Skin - Mudskin
Ilana Tiara - Supernatural @ Trunk Show
Adelaide Makeup - Zibska @ Trunk Show
Noldor Ears - Swallow
Magic Necklace - Swallow @ Kustom9
Destiny Gown - Lana @ Trunk Show
Unicorn Rings - Yummy @ Uber
Days Bento Nails - Slackgirl @ Trunk Show
Wand - Crystal Heart Festival Gift
Unposed Pose - SLC

The Way I Am

Sunday, August 19, 2018

"I'mma tell 'em all (that's just the way I am)
I'mma tell 'em all that you could either hate me (that's just the way I am)
or love me (that's just the way I am)
But that's just the way I am "

Esha Hair - Taketomi
Xia Skin - Mudskin
Princess Ears - Swallow
Gokudo Tattoo - Dappa @ SaNaRae
Smile Shirt - Cake @ Equal10
Varsity Sweats - ChicModa
Fabricated Sneakers - Vale Koer @ Pocketshop
Skateboard Love  Pose & Prop _ K&S Poses @ Output
Taken at Native Soul    (Elysion members only)


Saturday, August 18, 2018

"I'm jealous of the rain
That falls upon your skin
It's closer than my hands have been
I'm jealous of the rain
I'm jealous of the wind
That ripples through your clothes 
It's closer than your shadow
Oh, I'm jealous of the wind"

Makina Hair - Doe @ Gimme Gacha
Xia Skin - Mudskin
Wild SakuraWreath - Lode
Romance Necklace -Bliensen + MaiTai @ Trunk Show
Lativa Gown - Enfant Terrible @ Trunk Show
Alwyn Hand Jewels - Amias @ Trunk Show
Curator Rings - Yummy
Diana D'Orsay Pumps - Gos Boutique
When is the Wedding Pose - The Owl @ Gimme Gacha

Wicked Games

Friday, August 17, 2018

"You've been playing wicked games
You know what to do to me
I tried to stay steady,  I'ma leave
But you try to make me misbehave
Fucking up my energy
One day I'll be over all them wicked games, yeah "

Minha Hair - 25 Store
Xia Skin - Mudskin @ Fetish Fair
Chew lipstick - Mudskin
Princess Ears - Swallow
Enigma Bolero - United Colors @ Collabor88
Roxbury Panties - Narcisse @ Kinky
Curator Rings - Yummy
Heat Sand Pose (modified) - SLC @ Kustom9
Taken at Elysion

We Are Young

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun"

Sophia Hairbase & Buns - Studio Exposure @ Kustom9
Xia Skin - Mudskin @ Fetish Fair
Boston Glasses - Sleepy Eddy
Stretched Ears  Season 2 - Mandala
Vesna Necklace - Amias @ Access
Tank - Miss Chelsea
Happy Skirt - Bueno @ Kustom9
Unicorn Rings - Yummy @Uber
In My Hands Pose - The Owl @ Ultra
Nakano Back Alley Backdrop - Varonis

Hold Up

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"What's worse, lookin' jealous or crazy? jealous or crazy?
Or like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately
I'd rather be crazy"

Lariyl Hair - Tableau Vivant @ Kustom9
Xia Skin - Mudskin @ Fetish Fair
Sierra Sunglasses - Mowie @ Level Event
Stretched Ears Season 2 - Mandala
Volans Bodysuit - AsteroidBox @ Romp
Portrait Pose - Foxcity @ Vanity

Real Deal

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

"You can't deny the energy
That we got goin' on
I know you feel the chemistry
This shit feels so strong
Cloud nine, I'm feelin' heavenly
This vibe we fell upon
You touchin' every part of me
This shit feels so strong"

H0726 Hair - Tram @ Collabor88
Xia Skin - Mudskin @ Fetish Fair
Princess Ears - Swallow
Chew Lipstick - Mudskin
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Matilda Tattoo - Dappa @ Equal10
Caroline Top & Skirt - Promagic
Toggle Heart Bracelet - E.Marie
Portrait Pose  - Foxcity @ Vanity

DIY Bed - Thor
Cat licking paws - Thor
Vintage Nightstand - Thor
Outer Space Poster - Art & Poster Store
Old Container Conversion - Varonis @ Equal10


Monday, August 13, 2018

"Welcome to the jungle
Are you gonna dance with me?
Welcome to the jungle
You gotta close your eyes and see
Welcome to the jungle
Are you gonna dance with me?
Well, hold on
Well, hold on "

Storm Hair - Exile @ Collabor88 (tendrils across cheek added from Sintiklia)
Austine Skin - Glam Affair (Was Fifty Linden Friday item)
Circlet - Aisling (No longer available)
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Robe Nue - Enfant Terrible (New! at mainstore)
Queen of Jaguars Pose - CNZ @ Secret Affair
Taken at Cloudbreak

You Fight Me

Sunday, August 12, 2018

"Can't we live a life of peace and happiness?
I don't think so
No denying I am scared to lose the things I love
I'm in control
This is how this is how it's going to end
This is how this is how it's going to end"

Charlie Hair - Doux @Fetish Fair
Summer Skin - Deetalez
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara  Body - Maitreya
Scarlet Kitten Outfit (Includes: Jacket, Necklace, Bra, Panties, Leg Ropes & Shoes) - Moon Elixir @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Fighting Dance Poses - SLC
Kowloon Backdrop - Minimal @ TMD

Never Fade

Saturday, August 11, 2018

"I wish I could give you an answer
Say the right words and it'd make you feel better
But I'm just me,  nothing perfect or special
And I can't make it right today
But I'm here and I'll never fade away "

Claudia Hair - Tableau Vivant
Summer Skin - Deetalez
Dune Eyebrows - Skinnery
Lids - L'etre
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Irene Top & Shorts - Belle Epoque @ Collabor88
Heidi Slingback Shoes - Gos Botique @ Fameshed
Gritty Beats Pose - Bauhaus Movement

Summer's Rattan Sofa - Hive
Tribe Little Coffee Table - Concept
Fasciata Plant - N4rs

Pretty Please

Thursday, August 9, 2018

"Sinking down into a dark place
Her eyes light up like a ball of flame
I got it on replay
I keep living in a ghost town
Ain't never gonna come down
I just hold on to the light
Hold on to the light"

Hyewon  Hair - Monso @ Collabor88
Summer Skin - Deetalez
Dune Brows - Skinnery
Lamy Earrings - DRD @ Collabor88
Hanako Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Alejandra Top & Skirt - -:zk:- Store (Mainstore)  @ The Liason Collaborative
Marlene Bracelets & Rings - Meva
Breezy Pose  - Foxcity 
Taken at Cloudbreak

Down With The Sickness

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

"Drowning deep in my sea of loathing
Broken your servant, I kneel
(Will you give it to me?)
It seems what's left of my human side
Is slowly changing in me
(Will you give it to me?)

Chemet Headdress - Violetility @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Fiji Hair - Truth
Miranda Skin - Deetalez
Eyeliner - Deetalez
Dirty Fangs - Cerberus Xing
Endless Butterfly Accessory - Azoury @ Collabor88
Catya Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Lamy Earrings & Necklace - DRD @ Collabor88
Sekmeht Tattoo - Suicidal Thots
Tropical Wrap Set - Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88
Gypsy Bangles - DRD
Rainforest Rings - Yummy @ Collabor88
Anubis Staff - Royal Sands
She Is OK Pose - K&S Poses @ Pocketshop
Horus Throne (Rare) - Violetility @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Brazier - Tia
Taken at Cloudbreak



Tuesday, August 7, 2018

"You make me believe, you make me believe
I'm in the arms of a goddess tonight
You make me believe, you make me believe
I'm in the arms of a goddess tonight"

Tulua Hair - Bad Hair Day
Kyong Skin (Dead March - Group Gift) - Pumec
Diva Lipstick - Lychee @ Anybody
Catya Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Choker - Revoul (Marketplace)
Daydream Dress - Moon Elixir @ Uber
She is  OK Pose - K&S Pose @ Pocketshop
Taken at District 18

Born To Be Yours

Sunday, August 5, 2018

"I never knew anybody 'til I knew you
I never knew anybody 'til I knew you
And I know when it rains, oh, it pours
And I know I was born to be yours"

Amaris Hair - Tableau Vivant @ Uber
Xia Skin - Mudskin @ Fetish Fair
Princess Ears - Swallow
Lagesse Earrings - Azoury@ Vanity
Piercing Set 07 - SU!
Catya Head - Catwa
Lara Body - Maitreya
Roxie Neck Cuff - Narcisse @ Mesh Body Addicts
Riri Tuxedo Halter - Narcisse @ Fameshed
Roxbury Panties - Narcisse @ Kinky
Coddie Rings - Kibitz @ N21
Custom Pose
Taken at Cloudbreak

Kiss Me

Friday, August 3, 2018

"Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
You wanna be loved"

Evelin Hair - Runaway @ Fameshed
Suyin Skin - L'etre
Thick Hoops - Kibitz @ N21
Roxbury Lace-up Panties - Narcisse @ Kinky
Lay Your Lips on Mine Pose - RKKN
Romanov's Garden Decor (Weathered Garden Door & Red Chair) - Nutmeg @ Shiny Shabby

Handsome man not for sale!

You Worry Me

"I'm alright today
You gonna find a way to cross and you gonna get there
And I'm on fire today
Ain't no water here to calm or even put me out
I'll find a better way
Am I crazy or the win is gonna blow me down? "

Yara Hair - Wasabi @ Fameshed
Seo Skin - Insol
Audrey Brows - Lychee
Monolid Applier - Deetalez
Princess Ears - Swallow
Thick Hoop Earrings - Kibitz @ N21
Catya Head - Catwa
Isis Body - Belleza
Ete Tattoo - Dappa @ Level Event
Akari Tank - Psuedo
Ivey Lingerie Set Panties - Lazybones @ Uber
Mio Bracelet - Zoom @ Fameshed
Sea Treasures Rings - Yummy
Beachcomber Nail Polish - AlaskaMetro @ Mermaid Cove
Sits Vol. 3 Pose - Foxcity
Taken at Cloudbreak

Hotto Dogu

Thursday, August 2, 2018

"I like-ku hotto dogu
Because-su it's-su notto (eek) dogu
Do you like-ku hotto dogu (Hottu Dogu!)
Eat-to eat-to, eat-to hotto dogu (dogu)
Hotto dogu, baaga
Coca cora! "

Souffle Hair - Navy & Copper @ Uber
Sasha Skin (RE 20) - Revoul
EM Palette Eyes - Revoul @ The Epiphany
Cat's Eyelashes - Wednesday
Summer Breeze Lipstick - Unicult @ Blush
Catya Head - Catwa
Sasha Shape  - Revoul
Beachcomber Nail Polish - Alaskametro@ Mermaid Cove
Hottodogu - Black Bantam @ Level Event
Taken at Cloudbreak


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