So Long And Thanks For All the Fish, District 18

Monday, October 15, 2018

"Time is money and money's time
We wasted every second dime
On diets, lawyers, shrinks and apps and flags and plastic surgery
Now Willy Wonka, Major Tom, Ali and Leia have all moved on
Signal the final curtain call in all it's atomic pageantry"

La Diabla Headpiece - The Horror @ Equal10
Umbra Hair - Little Bones @ Collabor88
Blossom Skin - Nonnative Faces
Hillary Dress - -:zk Store:-Vanity Event
Leyla Boots - E-Clipse Design @ Black Fair
Apocalypse Sunrise Pose - Bauhaus Movement @ Pose Fair
Taken at District 18, which I will miss terribly.

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