What The Night Brings

Saturday, October 27, 2018

"Somewhere out there, deep in the dark of night
Creatures crave blood to feed their appetite
Long sharp knives to cut you right down to size
Now close your eyes so the night can come alive "

Jasmine Hair - Kuni Hair @ Fameshed X
Satoko Skin Mudskin
Princess Ears - Swallow
Gwen Necklace - Kibitz
Simone Outfit (Jacket, Top & Pants) - Belle Epoque @ Access
Khloe Buckle Platforms - Gos Boutique @ Uber
Static Pose #54/4  - The Owl

Pampered Clipboards - Tres Blah
Office Decor - Fancy Decor
Work Pretty Notebook - Petite Maison
Laptop - Apple Fall
Desk - Junk (No longer in world)
Minimal Needs Stool - Ionic
AF Traveller Rug - Apple Fall
Ghost Servant (With Lantern) - Baclava
Taken at Ash Falls

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