Happy Holidays

Monday, December 24, 2018

I am blessed.  I have a warm home, I have food and a loved one to share my life.   I also have room in my heart to share.   Tomorrow is Christmas, and every year we do not spend it at home.  We head to the city to help serve the homeless and disadvantaged a good meal.  We pass out warm blankets and banana bread.   May not seem like a lot,  but we are always welcomed.  I watch as my elderly Great Aunt sits and talks with everyone,  shaking hands, smiling and giving hugs.   This is not the only day that we do this type of service,  but to her and I it is the most important one.   Sure we could be home with a good meal,  but it would not fill our hearts like this does.   Try it,  share your time, not necessarily your money and help those in need.

Happy Holidays!

Shawn Beanie - Tiller @ N21
H091 Hair - Tram
Coco Skin - L'etre
Tag Earrings - WeArHOuSE
Baby Face - Genus Project 
Rayne Collar - The Forge
Royal Tattoo - Dappa
Ariana Sweater (Ugly Sweater Version! ) - Tiller @ Access
Reignberry Shorts - Blueberry
Tana Boots & Socks - Reign
Selfie Pose - Foxcity

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