Thursday, January 31, 2019

Bury A Friend

"What do you want from me? Why don't you run from me?
What are you wondering? What do you know?
Why aren't you scared of me? Why do you care for me?
When we fall asleep, where do we go? "

Honestly Hair - Ade @ Salon 52
Xue Skin - Moccino Beaute @ Cosmopolitan
Tifany's Heart Choker - Kibitz (Former Epiphany Reward)
Drakon's Outfit - AsteroidBox @ Harajuku
Marlene's Bracelet & Rings - Meva
Senior Portrait Pose - SLC

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A Storm Is Coming

"A storm is comin'
That you can't escape
Tears are fallin'
Like blood and rain
Thunder's shakin'
And it's gonna break
A storm is comin'
That you can't escape"

Akane Hair - Argrace
Nami Skin - Nonnative
Yokai Makeup & Brows - Aii
Demon Eyes - Izzie's
Baby Face - Genus Project
Body Dirt & Mud - Izzie's
Gia Bodysuit - Salt & Pepper
Girl with Gun Pose - Nanika
Taken at Hangars Liquides

Monday, January 28, 2019


"Sippin on straight chlorine, let the vibes slide over me
This beat is a chemical, beat is a chemical
When I leave don't save my seat, I'll be back when it's all complete
The moment is medical, moment is medical
Sippin on straight chlorine"

Mimi Look Hair(with Beret) - M.Birdie
Firka Sunglasses - FakeIcon
Baby Face - Genus Project
Liz Dress - Aleutia @ Soiree
Kate Thigh High Boots - Gos Boutique @ Uber
Bad At Love Pose - Gingerfish
Taken at Erebos Harbor

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Old Friend

"Oh, you're just the same as I used to know
Always playing games in the strangest ways
And you come and go, go, go, just like before 'fore, oh"

On Me:
Casey Hair - Runaway Hair @ Shiny Shabby
Soy Skin - Nonnative Faces
Classic Face - Genus Project
Locked Out Tee - Vinyl
Varsity Sweats - ChicModa
Selfie Pose - Foxcity
Taken at Tokyo Street (Dox)

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Here I Am

"Out of the shame
Out of the shadows
Out of the haze
I'm coming out of 
Out of the ashes I arise
You can run but you can't hide
Breath on your skin
I've arrived
Here I am"

The Cyber Visor shown is for the AsteroidBox. 50/50 Event exclusively!

This round of The 50/50 Event begins February 1st at 4am SLT. If you join the AsteroidBox. VIP Group you can get 1 hour early access from 3am SLT.

For the first 24 hours the "Regular" release will be 50% off the normal price - once the countdown clock reaches zero the 50% discount ends!
There is also an exclusive "Limited" version of the item with only 50 copies available - once these 50 copies have been sold they will vanish forever!

The 50/50 Event is located at the AsteroidBox. mainstore so follow this  SLURL on February 1st!:    AsteroidBox Mainstore

Bise Hair - Tableau Vivant @ Uber
Cyber Visor - AsteroidBox
Baby Face - Genus Project
Ceberex Collar - The Forge
Kit Outfit (Shrug, Bustier & Pants) - Narcisse @ Fameshed
Petra Gloves - Amias
K-Pop Nails - Ascendant
Vyper Katana - The Forge
Samurai Returns Pose - Bauhaus Movement
Taken at Remnants of Earth

Friday, January 25, 2019

Don't Call Me Up

"Don't call me up
I'm going out tonight
Feeling good now you're outta my life
Don't wanna talk about us
Gotta leave it behind"

H091 Hair - Tram
Miko Shin Do Skin - Mudskin
Baby Face - Genus Project
Princess Ears - Swallow
Kwan Glasses - Random Matter @ Collabor88
Flux Earrings - Empyrean Forge @ Fameshed
Soul Bringer Top & Jacket - United Colors @ Equal10
Taylor Skirt  - Narcisse
Isabella Stockings - N-Uno & Nanika @ Shiny Shabby
City Life Pose - Foxcity
Taken at Tokyo Street (Dox)

Thursday, January 24, 2019


"Pretty baby
You were young, wild, and crazy
Until your vision went and got crazy
Went looking for love in dark places, oh
Cause life isn't like the movies
Wasn't what you wanted it to be
So you started looking for heaven in a pill.."

Josie Hair - Runaway
Tzuyu Skin - The Skinnery @ Soiree
Baby Face - Genus Project
Bonnie  Top - ChicModa
Sheeran Boyfriend Jeans - Vinyl
Lockup Sneakers - Vale Koer
Keepall Bag - Vale Koer @ N21
Apocalyptic Sunrise Pose - Bauhaus Movement
Taken at SSOC - Tokyo Windhill City

Monday, January 21, 2019

Let Me Down Slowly

"Could you find a way to let me down slowly?
A little sympathy, I hope you can show me
If you wanna go then I'll be so lonely
If you're leaving baby, let me down slowly"

Filippo Hair - Kuni Hair @ Level Event
Tectronic Headphones - The Forge
Shota Skin - Mudskin @ Epiphany
Kawaii Bandaids (Exclusive) - Mudskin @Epiphany
Baby Face - Genus Project
Rioter Tattoo - Premium
Yumi Tee & Panty Set - Aleutia @ Fameshed X
Thermal Socks - Vale Koer
Teezy's Slippers - Tiller
Beat Pose (includes props) - WetCat

Red Cat - Thor
Mohave Rug - Thor
Smells like Dude Spirit Table - Thor
Glass Bong & Lighter - Thor
Stoner Box - Thor
Succulent - Thor
Grey Cat - Dust Bunny

Saturday, January 19, 2019


"When you move
I'm put to mind of all that I wanna be
When you move
I could never define all that you are to me"

Short Windfall Hair - Tableau Vivant
Shota Skin - Mudskin @ The Epiphany
Baby Face - Genus Project
Graze - Duckie @ Gloss
Skydancer Outfit (Harness, Wings, Bodysuit, Tutu & Boots) - Enfant Terrible @ The Epiphany
Let the Beat Drop Pose - Bauhaus Movement
Taken at Hangars Liquides

Friday, January 18, 2019

There You Are

"Need you when I'm broken
When I'm fixed
Need you when I'm well
When I'm sick
Friends that I rely on
Don't come through
They run like the river
But not you"

Peyton Hair - Wasabi @ Salon 52
Miya Skin - Glam Affair @ The Epiphany
Smokey Eye - Suicidal Unborn @ Gloss
Stretched Ears Season 2 - Mandala
Baby Face - Genus Project
Sub Thick Choker - Kibitz
Savage Tattoo - Dappa @ The Season's Story
Wild Hazard Outfit (Jacket, Top, Shorts & Leg Garters)- Cerberus Xing @ The Epiphany
Chunky Platform Boots - Momento @ Kustom9
Cubic Soundscapes Pose - Bauhaus Movement @ The Pose Fair
Taken at Voodoo In My Blood

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Easier Said Than Done

"I didn't wanna give you my heart
Easier said than done
I knew that you'd rip it apart
Replacing me with someone
If I were to save myself
Easier said than done
I could love someone else
Easier said than done"

Fran Hair - Kuni
Miko Shin Do Skin - Mudskin
Eyes of the Beholder - Hermony
Princess Ears - Swallow
Graze - Duckie @ Gloss
Heart Earrings - Kibitz @ Kustom9
Baby Face - Genus Project
Tifany's Heart Choker - Kibitz @ Epiphany (Exclusive Reward)
Saucy Black Shirt - Mirage.NA @ Epiphany
Leah's Military Pants - RKKN @ Epiphany
Candy Juice Bag - PewPew!
Nikole Bracelet - Kunst
Unicorn Rings - Yummy
K-Pop Nails - Ascendant\
Sits Vol. 2 Pose - Foxcity

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


"I only wanted you 'cause I couldn't have you
Now that I know
That wasn't love, that wasn't love, that was just hope"

Melly Hair - Runaway @ Salon 52
Shoto Skin - Mudskin @The Epiphany
Septum Rings - Yummy
Baby Face - Genus Project
Lara Body - Maitreya
Auriga Sweater - AsteroidBox @ Kustom9
Enigma Tattoo - Queen of Ink
Be Your Love Shorts - Animoto @ Kustom9
Supremacy Watch - Ecstasy & Oxycodone @ The Man Cave
Sits Vol 3 Pose - Foxcity
Raw Boat Shelter - Thor
Taken at Erebos Harbor

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


"Oh wait til' I do what I do
Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du
Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du"

Neon Nights Outfit (Helmet, Jacket, Tank, Bodysuit & Boots ) AsteroidBox @ The Epiphany
Miko Shin Do Skin - Mudskin
Baby Face - Genus Project
Stellar Lip Gloss - Bossie @ Gloss
Chemstick - Krova
Nasty Neon Collar - {Kres}
Hawkeye Gloves - Eliavah
Late Night Pose - Foxcity
Metamorphose2077 Background - [Antinatural]

Monday, January 14, 2019

This Is What You Came For

"Baby, this is what you came for
Lightning strikes every time she moves
And everybody's watching her
But she's looking at you, oh, oh"

Yuna Hair - Kuni @ Equal10
Miko Shin Do Skin - Mudskin
Headphones - Sole @ Equal10
Graze (on Cheek) - Duckie @ Gloss
Baby Face - Genus Project
Lara Body - Maitreya
Hearty Diamond Collar - Kibitz @ Access
Kyra Dancer Dress - United Colors @ Dubai
Fingerless Gloves - L'emporio
Cubic Soundscapes Pose - Bauhaus Movement @ The Pose Fair
Taken at 2019XS&Drune

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Lost In The Fire

"And we lost a lot of things in the fire
So it took a year for me to find out (find out, find out)
I can't lose you babe
I can't lose you babe"

Desire Hair - Stealthic @ Salon 52
Nami Skin - Nonnative
Eyes of the Beholder -  Hermony
Doll House Lashes - Wednesday
Lips - IDTTY @ Access
Baby Face - Genus Project
Lara Body - Maitreya
Pablo Escobar Chains - Ecstasy & Oxycodone @ Access
Ashlene Dress - The Forge @ Kustom9 (May 15th)
Lost Pose - Foxcity @ Uber

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Quiet Times

"And you walk up in the street and hold my hand and smile
Well, I won't be taken back in, 'cause I know how it turns out
And it takes me back to these quiet times coming round here" 

Honestly Hair - Ade @ Salon 52
Yaya Skin - Pepe @ Equal10
Princess Ears - Swallow
Baby Face - Genus Project
Lara Body - Maitreya
Six Letter Word Tee - Fetch (69l for Syndicate Sunday through tomorrow! )
Charlie Pants - Antisystem @ Equal10
Lockup Sneakers - Vale Koer
Love Her Ring - Swallow @ Kustom9
Gloss Pose - Gingerfish @ The Liaison Collaborative
Taken at Ash Falls

Friday, January 11, 2019

Girl Of The Year

"There's a hollow inside you
And it won't disappear
Oh no, baby the way we work we've got about a year
There's a hollow inside you
But don't worry I'm here
I don't care that you're looking for the next girl of the year
Girl of the year"

Indoor/Outdoor Hair - Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88
Jordan Skin - Deetalez
Baby Face - Genus Project
Nora Dress - Salt & Pepper @ Uber
Haute Chic Stilletos & Ankle Bracelet - Gos Boutique @ Uber
Rocks on my Wrist Bracelet - Ecstasy & Oxycodone
Disco Rings - Yummy
Cubic Soundscapes Pose - Bauhaus Movement @ The Pose Fair

Taken at Tokyo Street (Dox)

Thursday, January 10, 2019


"Loving you was dumb, dark and cheap
Loving you still takes shots at me
Found loving you was sunshine, but then it poured
And I lost so much more than my senses
'Cause loving you had consequences"

Mirror Kisses Hair - Lamb @ Fameshed
Jordan Skin - Deetalez
Dark Eyeshadows - Deetalez
Baby Face - Genus Project
Kwan Earrings - Random Matter @ Collabor88
Lara Body - Maitreya
Stephanie Lingerie - Belle Epoque @ Kinky
Wild Tattoo - Dappa
Supermodel Pose - Kokolores @ The Pose Fair

Kogyo-yo-remu Skybox- AsteroidBox
Kogyo-yo-remu Platform Bed - AsteroidBox
Kogyo-yo-remu Wall Shelf - AsteroidBox
Girlfriend Chihuaha - Black Bantam
Single Player Ex-Box - Violetility
Kasamatsu Shirou (Great Lantern of Asakusa) 1934 (framed) - The Art & Poster Store
Foxy Girls - [RH]
Tea Tins  - [RH]
Sakura Sake Tray - Roawenwood
Pilea Exotic Plant - Vespertine

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


"One two, one two, nah killers don't talk
Make sure you don't get in our way
One two, one two my pillow don't talk
Make sure you don't get in our way
Get in our way, make sure you don't get in our way
(Make sure you don't)
Get in our way, make sure you don't get in our way
(Make sure you don't)

Eirene Hair - .Shi
Miko Shin Do Skin - Mudskin
Shinkan Glasses - SOLE
Baby Face - Genus Project
Lara Body - Maitreya
Rei outfit (top, pants, boots, sleeve, shoulder harness & knives) - L'emporio @ The Darkness
Fingerless Gloves - L'Emporio
Arachnida - Azoury@ Cosmopolitan
Hoverboard - Neurolab
Cubic Soundscapes Pose - Bauhaus Movement @ The Pose Fair
Taken at Nunox

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sexual Vibe

"We're on that sexual vibe
You got me on that wave
I'm only here for the night
So tell me what's the play"

Hani Hair - Monso @ Fameshed
Coco Skin - L'etre
Lolita Eyes - S0ng
Cold Blush - Lychee @ Etoile
Loveshot Lipstick - Avoixs @ Etoile
Baby Face - Genus Project
Eve Bralette - Narcisse
Roxbury Knickers - Narcisse
Tamara Ankle Boots - Gos Boutique @ Fameshed
Ava Diamond Bangles - Earthstones @ The Liaison Collaborative
Gloss Pose - Gingerfish @ The Liaison Collaborative

Tribe Grey Basket & Plant - Concept
Glamping Rug - Artisan Fantasy
Champagne Tray - ChicChica
Fireplace - Apple Fall
Miserable Wood Basket - DRD

Friday, January 4, 2019


"I got faith in you baby, I got faith in you now
And you've been such a, such a good friend of me
Know that I love you somehow
I met you, hallelujah, I got faith" 

On Me:
Stacy Hair - Runaway @ Fameshed
Hani Skin - Mudskin
Princess Ears - Swallow
Baby Face - Genus Project
Lip Tint - Violetta @ Japonica
Sophia Dress -  Belle Epoque @ N21
Love Ring - Swallow @ Kustom9

Look At Me Pose (With Phone) - The Owl

Starter Apartment - Onsu
Woodly Lamp - Ariskea @ Fameshed
Small Plant Vase - Ariskea @ Fameshed
Glamping End Table - Artisan Fantasy
Sofa - Ariskea

Thursday, January 3, 2019


"Taking me high up where I've never been before
I'm holding it back, just one sec, I won't be long
You're just a hideaway, you're just a feeling
You let my heart escape, beyond the meaning"

Brynn Hair - Doux
Io Skin - Heart WIFI
Baby Face - Genus Project
Princess Ears - Swallow
Midnight Kiss Lingerie - Moon Elixir @ Kinky
Koneko Tattoo - Dappa @ Harajuku
Custom Pose
Nyan Cats! - {Love Fox}

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Up In The Air

"I've been up in the air
Out of my head
Stuck in a moment of emotion I've destroyed
Is this the end I feel? "

Teagan Hair - Entwined @ Equal10
Caroline Skin - The Skinnery
Baby Face - Genus Project
Luce Soffusa Outfit (Bra & Skirt) - Mirage @ Cosmopolitan
Haute Chic Stilletos - Gos Botique @ Uber
Jiufen Pose - Ana Poses
Lace Curtain - Knick Knacks
Potted Rubber Tree - Dust Bunny

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


"She's got it
Yeah baby, she's got it
Well I'm your Venus
I'm your fire
your desire
Well I'm your Venus
I'm your fire
your desire"

Juniper Hair - Sintiklia @ Lootbox
Neon Horns - The Horror
Bindi - Cubic Cherry
Sera Eyes - Cubic Cherry @ Okinawa New Year's Festival
Hani Skin - Mudskin
Baby Face - Genus Project
Chemstick - Krova
Metamorphose 2077 Bodysuit - Antinatural @ Lootbox
Android Arm Cap - AsteroidBox (50/50 Event in Mainstore)


.Shi 'Flesh (r)M [CX] [DB] Poses [RH] [WHD] 2279 4Mesh 6 Republic 68Main 8f8 Addams Adored Agata Aii Air Aisling Alien Altair Ama Amala Amara Beauty Ambix Amias Amitie An Lar Poses Analog Dog Anxiety Aphorism Applique Arcade Arcadia Argrace Arise Arte Artery Artisan Fantasy Ash Falls Asteroid Box Asteroidbox Astralia Astralia x Momento Atomic Automne Avatar Avi Glam Axix Azoury Bad Hair Day Bad Unicorn BananaN Bardeco & Kekeland Barnesworth Anubis Bauhaus Movement Bax Coen Designs Beauty Factory Bella Pace Belle Epoque Belleza Bellvi Beusy Big Beautiful Doll Big Bully Blosh Bludshot Blueberry Blush Boatam Bodyfy BohoCulture Fair Bokeh Bolson Boom Bossie Botanical Bound Box Breathe Bueno Candle & Cauldron Candy Fair CandyDoll Catwa Cellar Door Cheeky Cheeky Geek Cheeso Chez Moi Clavv Clown Coco Cocoon Cole's Corner Collabor88 Collarbor88 Complex Concept Consignment Contraption Convergence Conviction Cosmopolitan Cureless CX Cynful D-Lab Dappa David Heather DDD Dead Dollz Deadwool Decoy Deetalez Discord Designs District 1 District 18 District 20 DMZ Doll Doux Dox DP YumYum DRD Drunk Panda Dura Dysfunctionality E.Marie Earthstones Eclipse Designs EE Elpis Elysion Emarie Emery Empire Empyrean Forge Enchantment Entrwined Entwined Epiphany Epoch Erebos Harbor Erratic Espy Essence Essences Essenz Etchaflesh Etoile Euphoric Evermore Ex Machina Exile Fairy Tale FakeIcon Fame Femme Fameshed Fancy Decor Fantasy Fantasy Gacha Carnival Fateplay Fetch Fetish Fair Fifty Linden Friday Flesh Flite Floorplan Foxcity Foxes Foxy Friday Frou Frou Gabriel Gale Storm Retreat Ghoul Gild Girl Glam Affar Go! Gridrow Heights Half-Deer Halloween Hazy Hive Identity Imaginarium Industrie Inkhole Ironwood Hills Isuka Izzie's Japonica JF Designs Jian Juju Just Animals Just Design K&S Poses Kalopsia Katat0nik Kawaii Project Kibitiz Kibitz Kinky Kokolores Kraftwork Kumaki Kunst Kurenai Kustom9 Kutom9 L'Emporio L'etre Lab 737 Lamb LaViere & Teefy Lcky Le Enfant Terrible le file casse LeForme Legal Insanity Letis Limit 8 Limit8 Linden Little Bones Livalle lock&tuft Lode Lootbox Love Luane's Magical World Luas Luna LW Poses Lybra Mad Circus Mad Pea Mad' MadPea Maitreya Mandala Manik Queen Maru Kado Me Sew Sexy Mello Mercier Meschene Meva Mikunch Milk Motion Mina Minimal Miss Chelsea MMC Momochu Monso Moon Moon Amore Moon Elixir Mopire More More Morphe moss&mink Mosseau Mossu Mother Road Mudskin Mulloy N-Core N21 N4RS Naberius Narcisse Neve Nightmare Noir Nomad Nomi Noodles North Nox Nutmeg & Entwined Nyne Oh Deer Okinawa Winter Festival okkbye On9 OOO Studio Opale Osmia Panic of the Pumpkin Paparazzi Paying it Forward Peaches Petit Mort Phedora Phoenix Pink Cream Pie Pink Fuel Pixel Geek Pixicat Pocket Gacha Poppy Poseidon Pout Powder Pack Pr!tty Pretty Mess Pretty Mess & Vibes Prismagica Project 7 Pumec Quar Queen of Ink r2 A/D/E R2 Fashion Random Matter RealEvil Reign Remnant Rewind Romance Romp Runaway Sad November Salem Salt & Pepper SaNaRae SaNaRae Catwa Sari-Sari Schadenfreude Season of the Witch Seniha Sense Session Skins Seven Emporium Shijima Shiny Shabby Shoetopia Signature Sintiklia Skye SL SlackGirl SLC Sleepy Eddy Soft Voices Somber Somnus Spartin Parx Poses Speakeasy Spellbound Spirit Star Wars Legacies Stealthic Stray Dog Studio Exposure SU! Suicide Dollz Supposedly Swallow Sways sYs Tableau Vivant Tabou Taikou Taketomi Tannenbaum TAOX Tentacio Tentacio & Psycho Bits TFC The Arcade The Bay Reborn The Chapter Four The Coven The Dark Style Fair The Darkness The Forge The Hallows The Hallows Event The Hidden Chapter The Horror The Imaginarium The Liaison Collaborative The Machine Shop The Man Cave The Naughty List The Owl The Project 7 The Salted Ruins The Season's Story The Secret Affair The Skinnery The Underdog Event Thereafter Thor Thriller TMD Toksik Tralala's Diner Tram Tres Chic Trick or Treat Box Trompe Truth Tuty's Uber uh-oh Unnatural Vale Koer Valentina E Vanilla Bae Varonis Veechi Vice Couture Vile Cult Villena Vinyl Violetility Violetta Volt Hair Wasabi Pills We <3 RP Wednesday Wetcat & Lemon Wetcat Poses What Next Wicca's Wardrobe Wimey Witch Wrong & The Owl XXX Yasum YS&YS Yummy Zenith Zibska Zoom ZOZ