Easier Said Than Done

Thursday, January 17, 2019

"I didn't wanna give you my heart
Easier said than done
I knew that you'd rip it apart
Replacing me with someone
If I were to save myself
Easier said than done
I could love someone else
Easier said than done"

Fran Hair - Kuni
Miko Shin Do Skin - Mudskin
Eyes of the Beholder - Hermony
Princess Ears - Swallow
Graze - Duckie @ Gloss
Heart Earrings - Kibitz @ Kustom9
Baby Face - Genus Project
Tifany's Heart Choker - Kibitz @ Epiphany (Exclusive Reward)
Saucy Black Shirt - Mirage.NA @ Epiphany
Leah's Military Pants - RKKN @ Epiphany
Candy Juice Bag - PewPew!
Nikole Bracelet - Kunst
Unicorn Rings - Yummy
K-Pop Nails - Ascendant\
Sits Vol. 2 Pose - Foxcity

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