Heartache On The Dance Floor

Thursday, March 21, 2019

"Yeah, I was just hanging out
Some little west coast town
Found a bar out by the sand, so I made my way in
First thing that caught my eye, like nothing I'd ever seen
Sunburned, auburn hair, the California dream
Yeah, she was shaking them hips
To some old Motown song
I couldn't say anything, so I sang along
She was a heartache on the dance floor"

Flora Hair - Kuni @ Equal10
Julia Skin - Sessions Skins @ Skin Fair
Eyes of The Beholder - Hermony
Princess Ears - Swallow
Thin Hoop Earring - Yummy
Bali Septum Ring - Dahlia
Baby Face - Genus Project
Isis Body - Belleza
Betje Necklace - Amias
Mischa Top - Le Fil Casse @ Rewind
Marlene Bracelets - Meva
Selofan Pose - Besha @ Level
Taken at Native Soul

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