Got It In You

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

"When the lights go out and
Leave you standing in the dark
No one ever told you
This would be so hard
I know you think your fire is burning out
But I still see you shining through
You got it in you "

Peyton Hair - Wasabi
Akasuna Ears - EA Studios @ Neo-Japan (Soon)
Cybernetic Yakuza Shades - Butanik @ Neo-Japan (Soon)
Baby Face - Genus Project
Lara Body - Maitreya
Military Tailcoat - Hotdog @ Neo-Japan (Soon)
Cybernetic Yakuza Blade - Butanik @ Neo-Japan (Soon)
Yvonne Boots - Enchante
Shinobi Samurai Hoverboard - Ungod @ Neo-Japan (Soon)
Samurai Hoverboard Pose - Poseidon @ Neo-Japan (Soon)
Taken at Neo-Japan

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