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Monday, April 15, 2019

"Follow me to the edge of the world
Show you everything you've never seen before
Oh we're dancing on the skyline
Heartbeats racing in the moonlight
Follow me to the edge of the world
To the edge of the world"

Fleur Hair & Cap - Mina @ Kustom9
Aviator Sunglasses - Rebellion
Harriet Skin - Deetalez
Septum Ring - Yummy
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Evie Tattoo - Dappa @ Spring Flair
Cargo Outfit - Meva @ Vanity (April 19th)
Minion Bracelet - Ecstasy & Oxycodone @ Mancave
Unicorn Rings - Yummy
Mongov Platform Sandals - Versov @ Kustom9
Traveler's Soul Pose - Gingerfish  @ The Liaison Collaborative

Npc's - TingleTangleKrimsKrams
Taken at Umi (Dox)

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