Come With Me Now

Thursday, May 9, 2019

"I was born without this fear
Now only this seems clear
I need to move, I need to fight
I need to lose myself tonight"

Me (Small one on left):
Technohorns - VioletilityCyberpunk Fair
Alex Hair - Sintiklia
Ivy Head, Eyes & Skin - LAQ
Pop Pixie Ears - Swallow
2077 Tattoo - LycheeCyberpunk Fair
Maitreya Body with V-Tech Boi Chest
Cyber Elysion Chest - Gabriel @ Cyberpunk Fair (Please note, this was intended for Belleza Jake and Signature )
Geometric Tattoo - Lychee @ Cyberpunk Fair
Edge Shorts - Violetility
Octina Legs - MugCyberpunk Fair
Electra Gloves - A&Y
Vyper Katana - The Forge
Starfleet Phaser - Velvet Whip

Gwen (Tall one on right):
Nameplate Choker - Conviction
Aeon Cyber Corset - A&Y
The Thing MKII - Skittish
Dual Saber - The Forge

Panzer Kunst Couples Pose - Fanxy Poses @ The Liaison Collaborative

Intelligent Life Skybox - Violetility
Gear Vault - Unorthodox Underworld @ We <3 RP
Vigor  X4 Medical Suite - PsiNan @ We <3 RP
Holotube Computer - PsiNan
Neon Dreams Wall Unit  - Hilted
Neon Dreams Wall Panel - Hilted
The Cryo Chamber - Hilted @ We <3 RP

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