Devils Don't Fly

Thursday, May 2, 2019

"You know devils don't fly
So don't expect me not to fall
Devils don't fly
But God, we almost had it all
I got chains, and you got wings
You know that life ain't fair sometimes
Devil's don't fly
But I try"

Juice Hair - Little Bones @ Level
Teeny Horns - glutz @ We <3 RP
Scarlette Skin - Deetalez
Noldor Ears - Swallow
Survivor Tattoo (Face & Body) - This Is Wrong @ We <3 RP
Emiri Lipstick - Pink Fuel
Seraleah Shape - Lychee
Baby Face - Genus Project
Hanna Outfit (Shorts & Top) - The Forge @ Fameshed
Dragon Rider Boots - [ae] @ We <3 RP
Nia Gloves - Meva
Cubic Soundscapes Pose - Bauhaus Movement

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