I'm Not OK

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

"Seven months, two weeks and seven days
Since I was so easily replaced
It's so strange how I recognize her face
But tell me,  does she make you feel the same?
Kills me to know she's sleeping in my place"

Mirage Hair - Stealthic
Kacee Skin - Deetalez @ Uber
Ostium Impaler Ears - Cerberus Xing
Face Piercings Set 01 - Suicidal Unborn
Baby Face - Genus
Maitreya Body
Long Chain Collar - GabrielDubai
Mirai Tattoo - Bolson
Military Set Bra - Gabriel
Pocket Saruel Pants - GabrielKustom9
Tea Time Pose - Space Cadet

Taken at Copper River

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