Everybody's Lonely

Saturday, June 29, 2019

"Why's every song about love or drinking too much?
Yeah maybe that's because everybody's lonely
And on your radio, there's another song that goes
"Babe, I'll never let you go"
Everybody's lonely, everybody's lonely"

I0618 Hair - Tram @ Uber
Caroline Skin - The Skinnery
Whiskey Eyes (Light) - Izzie's
Miko Shin do Lips - Mudskin
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Precarious Love Necklace - Yummy @ Uber
Grace Ring Set - Yummy @ Uber
Open Hoodie & Tank Top - Gabriel @ Shiny Shabby
Ivy Jeans - RKKN @ Kustom9
Blue Flame Sneakers - Versov @ The Man Cave
Skateboard 3 Pose (with skateboard) - Everglow
Street Brick Background - [Wearhouse]

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