Stay High

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

"So, don't question my state of mind
I'm doing wonderful, just fine, thank you
(Thank you)
Everything is everything and everything is beautiful
(How did you get like that?)
See all I do is keep it cool and
Don't worry 'bout what everyone is doing
I already feel like doing it again, honey
I just want to stay high with you "

Hattie Hair - Mina
Yamirka Skin - Deetalez @ Salon 52
Koyash Glasses - Random Matter @ Kustom9
Blunt - Junk Food
Nisha Choker - Amias
Hattie Earrings - Mina
Freckles - Izzie's
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Mohr Tattoo - Bolson @ TMD
Tank Top & Bag - Gabriel @ Kustom9
2line Pants - Gabriel @ Kustom9
Kurtov Low Limited Sneakers (Blue) - Versov @ Man Cave
Nebula  Babe Pose - Space Cadet

Wasteland Hobo Resting Place - DRD
Lady Kismet's Secrets Bohemian Candle Tray - MadPea
Dude Poster 1 - Thor
Redemption Backdrop - Bad Unicorn

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