You're The One

Monday, August 12, 2019

"Babe, ain't no denying
That I've got you in my head
Girl, I'd be flying
If you stood yourself and said
You're the one I want
You're the one I need
You're the one I had
So come on back to me"

Kiera Hair - Magika
Summer Skin - Deetalez (New Legacy Body Skin too!)
Bella Eyeshadow - Arise @ Unik
Milei Lashes - AriseSaNaRae
Daisy Eyes - Heaux
Cadence Shape - Heaux
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Selene Shirt - AsteroidBoxAnthem
Lila Skirt - Mangula @ Uber
Hell Raiser Bruises (for Legacy!) - Lychee
Meduzov Sandals - Versov
Hawaii Bracelet & Watch - Kunst @ Anthem
Anxiety Pose Set (New!) - Space Cadet

Happy Endings Vending Machine - Violetility @ Romp
Alley Backdrop - Paparazzi
Kenny - Cureless

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