Feel The Fire

Monday, October 14, 2019

Neon streets lead home
Give me what I need
 Put the meat on my bones"

Etienne Hair - Moon @ Kustom9
Eerie Eyes - HeauxHells Gate
Man Wol Skin - Mudskin @ Neo-Japan
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Idyia Top - AsteroidBox @ Equal10
Alya Skirt -  AsteroidBox Kustom9
Itachi Pose - Kokoro & Oinc @ Neo-Japan

RoboRicksha - Marushin @ Neo-Japan
Green TrashBoxRobo - Marushin @ Neo-Japan
Neo Signboard Doll - Maru Kado @ Neo-Japan
Neon Dreams Garage - Hilted @ La Vie En Pose
Gilli - Not for Sale, but stood there forever waiting for me to finish!

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