This Could Be

Thursday, October 17, 2019

"I see you lying next to me
And i'm collecting memories
Oh, good, they'll never leave my brain
This could be better than I ever dreamed"

Somber Skybox - Varonis @ Kustom9

Minimal @ Collabor88 (Items listed below)
Autumn Home Set - Big Pumpkin
Autumn Home Set - Small Pumpkin
Autumn Home Set - English Round Table
Autumn Home Set - Lantern Pine
Autumn Home Set - Lantern Pumpkins
Autumn Home Set - Books
Autumn Home Set - Plants
 Autumn Home Set - Lantern Candles
 Autumn Home Set - Jug

Sphynx Kitty Cat Pumpkin Decor Black Bantam @ Kustom9
Hold Me Naked Sphynx - Black Bantam @ Kustom9

Antique Shoppe - Book Stack A - DRD @ Uber
Antique Shoppe - Book Stack J   DRD @ Uber

Cider Sunsets Vintage Trunk - Dust Bunny & Con @ Kustom9
Cider Sunsets . Homemade Cider - Dust Bunny@ Kustom9
Fiddle Leaf Tree - Dust Bunny
Dreamy Outing Pillow Pile - Dust Bunny
Melted Candle - Dust Bunny

Clairvoyant Sphere - RARE - Thor @ Anthem
Dude's Rug - Thor
Bastet.Sphynx (Lazy) - Pixicat  
Oxford Wingback Chair - Apple Fall

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