Break My Broken Heart

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

"Break my broken heart
Give me all you got, all you got
Break my broken heart
Watch me fall apart, fall apart
Ooh, ooh, I'm still breathing
Ooh, ooh, so what's one more scar?
Break my broken heart"

I1209b Hair - Tram @ Uber
Lori Skin - Insol @ Kustom9
Nova Eyes - S0ng @ Kustom9
Ari Eyebrows - Arte
Wokeuplikethis 3 Freckles & Moles - Warpaint 
Charm Ears - Swallow @ Kustom9
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Ivette Dress - Luas @ Fameshed
Biker Jacket - Luas @ Fameshed
Nebula Babe Pose - Space Cadet
Location: SSOC


Don't Let Me Go

Monday, December 30, 2019

"Come to me now
Don't let me go

Stay by my side

Don't let me go
Stay with me still
I've missed you so"

Devotion Hair - Stealthic
Lori Skin - Insol @ Kustom9
Nova Eyes - S0ng @ Kustom9
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Eun Kyung Dress - Bauhaus Movement @ Uber
Champagne Bottle - Dots @ N21
Heirloom Rings - Yummy
Delicate Nails - Bloom
City Nightlife Backdrop - Foxcity


Fight Like A Girl

Saturday, December 28, 2019

"While I watch you fall, ay (You know I'm coming for ya)
If you didn't know, l fight like a girl, fight like a girl "

Verge Hair - Stealthic
Dasha Hair - Deetalez
Naberrie Lipstick & Queen Makeup - Lychee
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Jada Outfit (Jacket, Harness, Bra, Pants, Waist Harness, Boots) - The Forge
Steel Saber - The Forge
Samurai Returns Pose - Bauhaus Movement
Droid - Orion's Belt
Location: Nar Shaddaa


Friday, December 27, 2019

"I got a friend but they don't like me

They don't like me like before
Could be the whiskey or the drinking
But I don't listen anymore"

Eternity Hair(Vip group gift) - Truth
Tzuyu Skin - The Skinnery
Vail Glasses - Bueno
Rebel Ears - Pumec
Baby Face - Genus Project
Polaris Coat & Sweater - Gabriel @ The Epiphany
Hailey Jeans - RKKN @ The Epiphany
Nubuck Boots - Gabriel
Set 6 Pose - Space Cadet
Location: Arranmore


Be My Fire

"Baby, be the visions in the night
And I'll wait till morning light for you"

Santini Hair - Tableau Vivant @ Santa Inc.
Macie Skin - The Skinnery
Gatsby Eyes - Heaux
Cindy Lou Lashes - Wednesday @ Santa Inc..
Wokeuplikethis 3 Freckles & Moles - Warpaint @ Anthem
Bora Lipgloss - Mudskin @  Santa Inc.
Cotton Vibes Sweater - Osmia @ The Epiphany
Special Nails - Bloom @ Dubai
His One Her Only Ring - The Owl
Nailed It Pose - Diversion
Location: Luane's


The Season's Upon Us

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

"The season's upon us, it's that time of year
Brandy and eggnog, there's plenty of cheer
There's lights on the trees and there's wreaths to be hung
There's mischief and mayhem and songs to be sung"

Moonshine Shack - Shack - Snowy - DRD
Moonshine Shack - Tree - Snowy - DRD
Moonshine Shack - Moonshine - DRD
Moonshine Shack - Fire - DRD
Vagabond Two - Stumpy Stool One - DRD
Vagabond Two - Campfire - DRD 
Vagabond Two - Stumpy Stool Two - DRD
Lazy Christmas table - DRD
San Mora - Grocery Decor - Shopping Baskets - DRD
Christmas snowman - #notgivingaf - DRD

Christmas lights  straight medium - Hive
Porch Light - Hive
Fallow Fawns - Jian
Moonshine Bucket & Barrel - Seven Emporium
Nope Cat (Stocking Hat) - Hextraordinary
Winter forest & Pines - Milk Motion @ Collabor88


I Got You

Monday, December 23, 2019

"Close your eyes
Count to ten
You’ll be fine
Take my hand"

Aura Hair - Doux @ Belle
Macie Skin - The Skinnery @ Collabor88
Charm Ears - Swallow @ Kustom9
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Macie Dress - ChicModa @ Belle
Delicate Nails - Bloom
His One Her Only Ring - The Owl
Dreams Come True Together Pose - The Owl @ Men Only Monthly
Location: Arranmore

Your Light

Saturday, December 21, 2019

"And days like this
I forget 
My darkness
And remember your light"

Rhapsody Hair - Monso
Macie Skin - The Skinnery @ Collabor88
Vail Glasses - Bueno
Charm Ears - Swallow @ Kustom9
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Peter's Sweater Splice - Vinyl @ Kustom9
Set 5 Pose - Space Cadet
Pellicle Nails - Bloom
Location: Porridge


Twelve Nights Of Christmas

Thursday, December 19, 2019

"On the twelfth night of Christmas, Krampus gave to me... "

Little Christmas Gacha Items - Hilted
Little Christmas Tree Basic Tree
Little Christmas Tree  Hot Dog
Little Christmas Tree Alpaca
Little Christmas Tree Pizza
Little Christmas Tree Gold Poop
Little Christmas Tree Gold
Little Christmas Tree Wish
Blogger Trophy 2019 - Hilted

December Eve Items - Nutmeg @ The Epiphany
December Eve Mirror
December Eve Chest Rare  
December Eve Ladles
December Eve Black Plates

Soul Collector Items - Nutmeg
Soul Collector's Phonograph
Soul Collector's Armchair Black PG Exclusive
Soul Collector's Draped Table
Soul Collector's Candle
Soul Collector's Papers
Soul Collector's Bag Black

Gothmas Decor set - Pohui @ The Summoning
lil Krampus - Moonphase @ The Summoning
Villa Rug (rich) - Lore
Pissed off-Witty Cats - Mutresse
Sombre Skybox - Varonis


City Of Dreams

"Lights flash
Taking your breath away
Black spires, neon lights
Car crash
Freedom in the disarray
Are you ready to fight?"

I0913 Hair - Tram
Choi Skin - Mudskin @ The Epiphany
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Acid Outfit - Luas @ The Epiphany 
Headphones, Jacket, Bodysuit, Belts, Boots, Rifle & Drone
Outrun Pose - Gingerfish
Location: Drune


I Wasn't Enough For You

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

"If that makes you happy, I'm happy
Not wishing the best
'Cause I was that for you
I guess it happens, it happens
Sometimes you win and then sometimes you lose"

Malori Hair - Doux @ Tres Chic
Bella Skin - Enfer Sombre @ The Epiphany
Vatic Eyes - Conviction @ The Epiphany
Charm Ears - Swallow @ Kustom9
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Cotton Vibe Jacket (Rare) - OsmiaThe Epiphany
Cotton Vibe Jeans - OsmiaThe Epiphany
His One Her Only Ring - The Owl
Gingerbread Tree Cookie - Space CadetThe Epiphany
Tai Pose (altered by cookie)  - Space Cadet
Winter Forest Backdrop & Winter Forest Pine - Milk Motion @ Collabor88

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Screams

Sunday, December 15, 2019

"Sweet dreams are made of screams
Those who've lost their minds will disagree"

OS1027 Hair - Wings @ The Summoning
Dasha Skin - Deetalez
Goat Eyes - Avoxis @  The Summoning
Solstice Markings - Keikumu @  The Summoning
Krvmps Tongue  - Human Glitch @  The Summoning
Strong Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Xane Collar - The Forge
Hinata Dress - CerberusXing
Slingshot Panties - CerberusXing
Cuddle Demon Goat - Hilted
Chrimbus Creepers Stocking - Quirky @  The Summoning
Mathilda Pose - The Owl

Deck The Halls

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la"

Minimal Tartan Home Set - Minimal @ Collabor88
Tartan Home Set Tartan Rug
Tartan Home Set XmasCrown
Tartan Home Set Fluffy Rug 
Tartan Home Set Stoolwithblankets
Tartan Home Set Chairwithblanketandjug
Tartan Home Set The Living Room 

What Next Items:
Holiday Nutcracker - Trumpet 
Holiday Nutcracker - Drummer
Christmas Stockings - Plaid
Reindeer Stocking Holder
Christmas Wall Collage 
December Potted Poinsettia 
Christmas Gift Boxes

Apple Fall Items:
Reclaimed Corbel Shelf

Heritage Christmas Tree - Spruce Green
Happy Santa Figure (Berry)

Gift Boxes 2015 - Christmas - Artisan Fantasy
Resin Christmas Trees - +Half-Deer+

Pug Elf Stocking Right - JianSanta Inc.
Holiday Decor :: Wreath (Arch) - Jian
Attic Hideout Painting_Bonus Item - Nutmeg
Sleepy Bengal . In Bed - Gray - Omen
Anthem Christmas Tray(Gift) - Thor @ Anthem
Christmas Cart (Old Gift) - Belle Epoque
Elise's Christmas Teddy Bear - Kalopsia @ Santa Inc.
Meow-mas .A cat standin up gray - Dami
Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree Light - Green - Hextraordinary



Friday, December 13, 2019

"I want to go to my meadow my meadow
I will go to Fólkvangr - Fólkvangr"

Jimena Hair - Doux
Christine Skin - Session Skins
Lily Eyebrows - Lychee
Runic Ritual Tattoo - Rekt Royalty @ We <3 RP
Mauled Scars - Lychee
Gunhild Fur - Belle Epoque @ We <3 RP
Location: Orius, The Forgotten Tale

A Christmas Horror Story

Thursday, December 12, 2019

"Children take care, please be aware
All that you've done, will come to bear
Have you been good, behaved as you should?

Kash Hair - Doux
Festive Crown (Gift at Anthem) - AsteroidBox @ Anthem
Tomie Skin - Pink Fuel
Lily Eyebrows - Lychee
Night Eyes - Heaux @ Level
Periorbital Hematoma - Lychee
Krampus Ears - Andore @ Krampus - The Summoning Event
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Simple Choker - Lychee
Alina Shirt - AsteroidBoxAnthem
Sofia Pants - AsteroidBox @ Equal10
Lil Krampus - Moonphase @ Krampus - The Summoning Event
Pose - Sapa @ Krampus - The Summoning Event

Hand Wreath - Junk FoodKrampus - The Summoning Event
Caged Candles (Gift) - Jian
Presents (Gift) - Stockholm & Lima @ Fameshed

Baking Beauty Photoshop Actions - The SL Spoon

Coming Home For Christmas

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

"Coming home for Christmas
So wait for me"

Summer Hair - Doux
Macie Skin - The Skinnery @ Collabor88
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Fur Jacket - Cynful @ Collabor88
Can't Relate Top (FLF Version) - Blueberry
Power Play Jeans - Blueberry
Nubuck Fur Boots - Gabriel @ Santa Inc.
Phone - The Owl
Flourish #2 Pose - The Owl
Taken at Old Town


Cozy Little Christmas

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

"Nothing lights my fire or wraps me up, baby, like you do
Just want a cozy, a cozy little Christmas here with you"

Hair - Tram @ Collabor88
Macie Skin - The Skinnery @ Collabor88
Festive Eyes - Avi-Glam @ Santa Inc.
Cindy Lou Lashes - Wednesday @ Santa Inc.
Wokeuplikethis Freckles & Liner - Warpaint
Darling Lips - S0ng
Isobel's Earrings & Necklace - Kibitz @ Santa Inc.
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Ellie Sweater - Mossu @ Collabor88
Julia Leggings - Blueberry
My Gift Pose - Diversion @ Pose Fair

Elise's Christmas Set - Kalopsia @ Santa Inc.
Elise's Christmas Tree
Elise's Christmas Wooden Car 
Elise's Christmas Puzzle (Monster City) 
Elise's Christmas Bunny Doll (Orange) 
Elise's Christmas Wooden Truck Creator 
Elise's Christmas Scooter (Blue) 
Elise's Christmas Puzzle Box (Monster City)
Elise's Christmas Teddy Bear (Brown) 
Elise's Christmas Metal Rocket (Gold) 

Santa's Giftbox (Red) - Kalopsia
Downtown Loft Skybox - Varonis



Lonliest Time Of Year

Monday, December 9, 2019

"Sorry I'm not so merry
But I feel like this yearly
Christmas time isn't my vibe
Brings no joy into my life"

Ava Hair - Doux
Tomie Skin - Pink Fuel
Cold Blush - Lychee
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Tata Jacket - Miwas @ Santa Inc.
Tata Skirt  - Miwas @ Santa Inc.
Tata Headphone - Miwas @ Santa Inc.
Tata Sundae (With Pose!)  - Miwas @ Santa Inc.
Jessie Jane Shoes & Stockings (FLF) - Friday
Pomeranian Reindeer - Rezz Room @ Santa Inc.
Pomeranian Biscuit - Rezz Room @  Santa Inc.
Location: Winter in NYC

Snow Fairy

Sunday, December 8, 2019

"Fairy, where're you going?
We'll gather the light along the way
And make it shine upon a brand new day"

Enora Hair & Crown - MinaThe Arcade
Dacia Skin (Special Edition) - DeetalezTannenbaum
Frozen Eyes - Anatomy @ We <3 RP
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Frost Fae Outfit & Wings - Sasheba's Closet @ We <3 RP
Glitterr Bomb - Musu
Cubic Soundscape Pose -Bauhaus Movement
Baking Beauty Photoshop Actions - The SL Spoon

Like It's Christmas

Saturday, December 7, 2019

"You make every day feel like it's Christmas
Every day that I'm with you"

Rose Marie Hair - Mina @ Santa Inc.
Tessa Skin - Itgirls
Cindy Lou Lashes - Wednesday @ Santa Inc.
Daydreamer Eyes - Avi-Glam
Wokeuplikethis 3 Freckles & Moles - Warpaint @ Anthem
Darling Lips -  S0ng
Steking Ears -  Mandala
Jingle Collection Earrings & Necklace - Cae @ Santa Inc.
Baby Face - Genus Project
I Believe Snow Globe  - Junk FoodTannenbaum

Santa Inc. Event


[📅 ⭐️ Opening on December 7th 2019! 1:00PM SLT ⭐️]
December 17th: Join Santa for a special Christmas Party, with live music, new releases, gifts and giveaways!

Similar to its bigger brother Cupid Inc., Santa Inc. is an annual shopping event with an innovative gifting system: besides purchasing for themselves our patrons will be able to send anonymous gifts to their family and friends in the best tradition of Secret Santa!

More info at:

Official group in-world group: secondlife:///app/group/bed3ae5f-b2aa-f702-d02f-a23d91380552/about



Finally // Beautiful Stranger

Thursday, December 5, 2019

"Your eyes, so crystal green
Sour apple baby, but you taste so sweet"

Cascade Hair - Stealthic
Christine Skin -  Session Skins
Ari Eyebrows - Arte @ The Liaison Collaborative
Layla Eyes (Group Members Only) - Heaux
All The Liners You Ever Need - Okkbye @ SaNaRae
Aegyo Lashes -  Wednesday
Wokeuplikethis 3 Freckles & Moles - Warpaint @ Anthem
Cotton Lips - Buzzeri
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Shiami's Necklace - Kibitz
Amy Bustier & Noelle Sweater - ChicModa @ Fameshed
Shipped Jeans - Vinyl
Personal Space Pose - The Owl @ Flourish

Beads curtain (blue mix) - {anc}
Milltown Mixed Frames  - Artisan Fantasy
Cider sunsets . vintage trunk  - Dustbunny & Consignment
Lady Kismet's Secrets - Bohemian Candle Tray  - MadPea
Vagabond Two - Dresser - DRD
Vagabond Two - Potted Leafy - DRD
Vagabond Two - Mandala - DRD
Quirky planters 2 . dino planter - Dustbunny
Quirky planters 2 - ice cream planter - Dustbunny
Autumn Home Set - Jug - Minimal
Countryside Dream Bed Pastels&Silver  - Nutmeg
Countryside Dream Rug - Nutmeg


White Christmas

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where those treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleighbells in the snow"

Sierra Hair - Magika
Johana Skin - Enfer Sombre @ Anthem
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Irene Blouse - Osmia @ Uber
Irene Jeans - OsmiaUber
Today's Postman Shoes (50L gift) - Bonobo @ Anthem

Dahlia @ The Arcade
Joy - Lucky Kitten Planter 
Joy - Blanket Cabinet - RARE 
Joy - Present Trinket Boxes - Red
Joy - Ornament Step Stool - Black  (With poses)
Joy - Let it snow Print - Red 
Joy - Hot Cocoa - Red 
Joy - Bells - Silver 

The Last Christmas Shop - Old Wrapping Paper 
The Last Christmas Shop - Old Ornaments
My Miserable Holiday - Carpet 
Christmas lights - FUCK IT (I hid the FUCK IT sign)

Wood Train Blue - COMMON - 22769 @ The Arcade
Christmas Gift Boxes - Artisan Fantasy
Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree - Botanica @ Tannenbaum
[Snow Friend] I'm happy - Sway's
Cat Playing - Mesh - Just Animals 
Luca Skybox - Varonis

I Run

"Between dark and dawn
I run
You can't save me
I'm gone"

Belle Hair - Tableau Vivant
Johana Skin - Enfer Sombre @ Anthem
Crystal Eyes - Rainbow Sundae @ We <3 RP
Hellfire Mask - Hilted
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Pia 66 Outfit - SK @  We <3 RP
GRPE - CArm (R) (Black)  - Sole
Neck Regulator - Sole
Apocalypse Sunrise Pose - Bauhaus Movement
Location: Drune

Nice To Meet Ya

Monday, December 2, 2019

I like the way you talk, I like the things you wear
I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink, I swear
'Cause when the morning comes, I know you won't be there
Every time I turn around, you disappear"

Beanie Babe Hair - Doux @ The Arcade
Christine Skin -  Session Skins
Kissed by the Sun Freckles - The Skinnery
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Long Winter Outfit (Rare) - Belle Epoque @  The Arcade
Long Winter Booties - Belle Epoque @  The Arcade
Long Winter Bag - Belle Epoque @  The Arcade
Insta Girl Pose (hand altered to hold bag) - Ana Poses @  The Arcade
Stockholm Street Backdrop - Minimal @ Uber


Sunday, December 1, 2019

"Come on test this baby, I'm reckless
Yeah, I'm fearless
I'm fearless"

Allure Hair -  Stealthic
Christine Skin -  Session Skins
Kissed by the Sun Freckles - The Skinnery
All The Liners You Ever Need - Okkbye @ SaNaRae
Layla Eyes (Group Members Only) - Heaux
Cotton Lips - Buzzeri
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Kashina Choker - Random Matter
Wandie's Necklace - Kibitz @  Kustom9
Supah Lonley Off Shoulder Top - Vinyl @ Fameshed
Genetics Tartan Skirt - Vinyl @ Fameshed
My Personal Space Pose - The Owl @  Flourish
Stockholm Studio Apartment - Varonis


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