Sunday, December 1, 2019

"Come on test this baby, I'm reckless
Yeah, I'm fearless
I'm fearless"

Allure Hair -  Stealthic
Christine Skin -  Session Skins
Kissed by the Sun Freckles - The Skinnery
All The Liners You Ever Need - Okkbye @ SaNaRae
Layla Eyes (Group Members Only) - Heaux
Cotton Lips - Buzzeri
Baby Face - Genus Project
Legacy Body
Kashina Choker - Random Matter
Wandie's Necklace - Kibitz @  Kustom9
Supah Lonley Off Shoulder Top - Vinyl @ Fameshed
Genetics Tartan Skirt - Vinyl @ Fameshed
My Personal Space Pose - The Owl @  Flourish
Stockholm Studio Apartment - Varonis

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