I Wasn't Enough For You

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

"If that makes you happy, I'm happy
Not wishing the best
'Cause I was that for you
I guess it happens, it happens
Sometimes you win and then sometimes you lose"

Malori Hair - Doux @ Tres Chic
Bella Skin - Enfer Sombre @ The Epiphany
Vatic Eyes - Conviction @ The Epiphany
Charm Ears - Swallow @ Kustom9
Baby Face - Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Cotton Vibe Jacket (Rare) - OsmiaThe Epiphany
Cotton Vibe Jeans - OsmiaThe Epiphany
His One Her Only Ring - The Owl
Gingerbread Tree Cookie - Space CadetThe Epiphany
Tai Pose (altered by cookie)  - Space Cadet
Winter Forest Backdrop & Winter Forest Pine - Milk Motion @ Collabor88

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