Twelve Nights Of Christmas

Thursday, December 19, 2019

"On the twelfth night of Christmas, Krampus gave to me... "

Little Christmas Gacha Items - Hilted
Little Christmas Tree Basic Tree
Little Christmas Tree  Hot Dog
Little Christmas Tree Alpaca
Little Christmas Tree Pizza
Little Christmas Tree Gold Poop
Little Christmas Tree Gold
Little Christmas Tree Wish
Blogger Trophy 2019 - Hilted

December Eve Items - Nutmeg @ The Epiphany
December Eve Mirror
December Eve Chest Rare  
December Eve Ladles
December Eve Black Plates

Soul Collector Items - Nutmeg
Soul Collector's Phonograph
Soul Collector's Armchair Black PG Exclusive
Soul Collector's Draped Table
Soul Collector's Candle
Soul Collector's Papers
Soul Collector's Bag Black

Gothmas Decor set - Pohui @ The Summoning
lil Krampus - Moonphase @ The Summoning
Villa Rug (rich) - Lore
Pissed off-Witty Cats - Mutresse
Sombre Skybox - Varonis

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